Quilts Introduction

Angela with a Boho Squares Quilt via www.helloquilting.com


Welcome! Over the years I have finished many quilts and have many quilts in progress as well. Currently my quilting endeavors include:

Quilts for Sale

You can find quilts for sale at my Etsy Shop. This is also where you can order customized quilts in one of my pre-designed styles.

Commission Quilts

Looking for something truly custom? See my commissions page to learn more about working with me to create something original just for you. I particularly enjoy working on replicating family heirlooms so they can be preserved for the future.

Five of the 1,000 Baby Quilts Project via www.helloquilting.com

1,000 Baby Quilts

In 2017 I decided to make 1,000 baby quilts with every 10th quilt (or it’s proceeds) being donated to a local charity to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Finished Quilts

While you’re here, you might want to check out the quilts I’ve finished over the years.

Quilts in Progress

If you’re curious about the quilts I’m currently working on, or the evolution of a quilt, you might want to check out the timelines for each of my quilts in progress.

More Quilts: