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Welcome to Simple Creative Home. I’m your host, Angela May Waller, and I’m here to walk with you on a journey toward living more simply, more creatively and more authentically.

  • Let’s get rid of the excess so we can make room for what is important.

  • Let’s inject color and joy into our homes so we feel inspired and happy just walking through the front door.

  • Let’s be architects of new lives where we spend our time doing creative, meaningful work.

I know that you and I can both find the way to make our homes, gardens and lives TOTALLY AMAZING.

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But first, let me tell you a story.

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Once upon a time…

…there was a woman (might have been me) who had just bought a house with her new husband. She had such hopes and dreams of making a charming happy home for herself, her husband and her baby on the way. She dreamed of fireflies on the porch, flowers on the table, and quilts on all the beds. She was creative and excited and had SO many ideas.

Fueled with inspiration from stacks of magazines and then a whopping number of Pinterest boards, she started 1,021 projects all at once. She collected supplies for cozy quilts, she bought vintage furniture to refinish. She dug up grass to make room for perennials and brought home thrifted finds to upcycle.


Except she started to drown in projects and possibilities. All the pretty things she saw in magazines and Pinterest confused her. All the projects she brought home from flea markets and thrift stores started to back up. We won’t even talk about the quilting fabric. Soon there were so many precious things that she couldn’t even get to her workspace to make anything. Half-done projects littered the house. Half-finished garden beds sprouted weeds. The spontaneous main floor bathroom renovation lingered for over a year. She changed her mind about paint colors and styles and furniture and pretty much everything.

It was a total mess, and she was totally stuck.

Then, one day, her little family decided to move to a little town to be closer to family, and one strange weekend they bought a house in the new town and moved. But then they had to race to get their old house finished so they could sell IT.

Now it wasn’t about making the house perfect, now it was about making the house DONE.

Our beleaguered heroine said, “To heck with all these ‘clever’ ideas. To heck with trying to ‘be diferent.’ I’m just going to do everything in the simplest possible way and get this done.” (There may have been cursing. I’m not saying.”)

She painted everything in shades of misty blue, taupe and cream. She eliminated all of the excess. She put a garden border around the edge and grass and a little tree in the middle of the yard. She spread bark dust.

Valentine Cottage Garden via

Guess what?

It worked. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, appeared the charming, sweet little home she had been hoping for all along. Her mind was blown.

She didn’t need ‘clever.’ She didn’t need ‘different.’ And she sure as heck didn’t need 1,021 projects.

She just needed to be simple.

She needed to take all of her creativity, ground it in a foundation of simplicity, and transform her home and garden into the charming, sweet place she’d been looking for all along.

I know it’s possible to eliminate the clutter and confusion from our lives because I’ve done it. I’ve seen what happens when you take your creativity and ground it in simplicity. When you eliminate the excess, create a home & garden that brings you joy and set clear goals, you can make this happen.

I believe that we can all find our dream home in the house we’re living in.

I believe that we can all live the sweet, happy life we long for.

I believe that we can have joyful, colorful lives and go after our big creative dreams.

Let’s do this together.

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See you on the other side!

Love, Angela


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