Usage Policy

Usage Policy

Thank you for wanting to use photos or writing from my website on your project. To be sure that you are following my usage guidelines, please read the following:


Use ONE photo and/or 1-3 lines of text from this website or associated social media accounts for the purposes of promotion that clearly provides attribution and a link back to the original source.

“Promotion” includes feature posts, round-up posts and other similar types of posts that seek to send audience members to the original content creator.


  • Use photos or text from this website or any of my social media accounts for illustration without attribution (as above) or as representation of your own work.

  • Use any photos or text from this website or any associated social media accounts in a way that obscures, obfuscates or makes it unclear who the original creator of the content is.

  • Re-publish any content, patterns, instructions or other content from this website to any other site, platform or media account where said content is more than 3 lines.

  • Use any photos or writing on this website or any of my social media accounts for print publication, packaging, or any other type of media distribution without permission. This includes but is not limited to: calendars, posters, blog posts, news articles, pattern covers, book content, social media posts or TV shows.

If you are unsure:

If you are unsure about whether your usage fits this guidelines, or would like to request permission for usage beyond what is allowed here, please contact me.