Thing One and Thing Two

Thing One & Thing Two

Junior Resident Quilt Inspectors

Thing One and Thing Two, Resident Quilt Inspectoras via

Thing One and Thing Two are the new kids on the block, signing on as Junior Resident Quilt Inspectors in 2018. They are twins and work as a team, despite having distinctly different personalities. Thing One (on the left) is clever, mischevious, and tends to show off. I think he might be the younger brother. Thing Two is braver and a passionate hunter but more sensitive and tends to get his feelings hurt by Piper’s disdain. Both of them are still learning the skills of the Resident Quilt Inspector and are currently training intensively on making sure very quilt is sat on. Or slept on. Or rolled on. Or pushed off the photographing surface. That sort of thing. See the slideshow for more of their work: