Resident Quilt Inspectors

Resident Quilt Inspectors

Here at Hello, Quilting! we have several Resident Quilt Inspectors. You know the ones, the furry friends we all have that like to check out the quilts as they are made.


Our Senior Resident Quilt Inspector is Piper. She’s been inspecting quilts for many years now, since 2009, and is quite the expert.Piper is a sweet and affectionate inspector, but she takes her duties quite seriously. She never lets a quilt get out the door without thorough quality control. You can learn more about Piper on her page.


Our Junior Resident Quilt Inspectors are the twins, Thing One (on the left) and Thing Two (on the right). Being young new quilt inspectors, they haven’t quite learned all the quality control skills, but they do make sure every quilt gets sat on at least once. They also have a mischievous streak and can get into lots and LOTS of trouble. Good thing they’re cute!!! You can see more of the tricks of Thing One and Thing Two at their page.

In addition to our own local quilt inspectors, we often spend time with the Resident Quilt Inspectors who live at other people’s houses, especially when we work on quilts with a friend. It’s always a joy to visit with the local quilt inspector and get new tips on quality control.