Traditional Family Room Bay Window Digital Makeover



Dear Angela: Family Room Bay Window

Dear Angela: Family Room Bay Window

This week’s “Dear Angela” letter is from a lovely and talented quilter from Missouri, Nancy from With Thread in Hand. Read on to hear about Nancy’s decorating dilemma.

Family Room Before

Family Room Before

Dear Angela, I could really use some help. We moved to a new home about 18 months ago and although we have painted and decorated, I’m not happy with my family room. The blue plaid couches are from the last house and they really don’t go with my new theme of black/brown/tan with punches of red. I really want a dark brown sectional. My husband built white end table, along with a pie safe, desk and two Mission Style chairs in the living room. I LOVE the coffee table and red table and don’t want to give them up. I can’t quite figure out what to do with the bay window. I put up roman shades, and I would really like the finishing touch of window drapes or such, but there is no room to mount any hardware. We are a casual family with a white family dog. Oh, he sheds, and he DOES get on the furniture. Please help! Nancy

Family Room Before

Family Room Before

Hi Nancy! I know you said you want a dark brown sectional. And I hear that. But I suggest you consider custom slip covers as an alternative. Your pieces are charming and in good shape: custom slip covers will be a fraction of the cost of a sectional and give you the option of washability if you choose a such as cotton duck. And I do mean custom, where there’s a separate cover for each cushion and the couch body. If you are wanting a cleaner more modern look, consider removing the skirts on the couches as well. As for the color, I’d suggest a medium to light neutral that won’t show your dog’s white hair the way the dark brown will. If you’re tired of plaid, maybe choose a pinstripe, buffalo check or even a solid. For the additional seating you need, a comfy armchair will create a cozy feel. If you choose one with a low back (or put your TV in a taller armoire), you’ll still be able to watch TV, but have a nice conversation area when you have company. In addition, try a larger rug with less pattern to make the room feel larger. As for the bay window, simply hang casual tab top panels on a rod that extends across the entire opening. Then, for fun, try a small iron chandelier swagged over to above the coffee table, add some throw pillws and accessories, and the room will look beautiful. I know you still may have your heart set on the sectional, but I hope this gives you some ideas to consider. I look forward to seeing what you do–please send me a photo if you make any changes! Best,


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  1. I LOVE IT!! DH says “no” to taking down the fan…MEN!!! LOLEven though I “thought” I wanted a sectional, we are thinking of finding someone that can make some nice slipcovers. We like the idea of the chair also.I also like the curtains and will get to the store this week and get them….THANK YOU!! How fun is it to have a personal decorator!!

  2. Lovely as usual!Nicely done, Angela!

  3. Love the make over.I love what you did with the chandleier. I might have to do this in my own house!Jen R

  4. I have had custom slipcovers made from TodoEs before ( and they did a great job. Just a suggestion if she decides to “go for it!”. They really were half of what it would have cost me to have the sofa re-upholstered.Looks great!!!

  5. Hi Angela,Love your cottage blog and your digital makeovers. I have created digital rooms before and know that it can take a lot of time!Thanks for stopping by my Eugene Cottage blog…xoxo,Rachel

  6. Angela,Haaa….you are so good girl, love what you’ve done here and your suggestions….you know I’m getting more and more excited don’t you? Hee….Rose

  7. Great ideas; nice job!

  8. The Feathered Nest (Manuela's) Avatar
    The Feathered Nest (Manuela’s)

    I love these digital makeovers that you do! Good suggestions, especially the couch slipcovers! With a white haired dog she’d be contsantly trying to get that hair off a brown couch! Good job Angela!Manuela

  9. Great job, Angela! That looks so much better. Love the window ideas, the new rug & the slipcovers.Rhoda

  10. yolanda elizabet Avatar
    yolanda elizabet

    Well done Angela. My first thought was: get rid of that carpet, the second: slip covers! Both cheap and cheerful and very handy with pets that shed fur all over the place. The red cussions add a bit of much needed in-your-face colour. Bland is sooo last season. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. stopped by to say hello and wish you Happy New Year! Winter is here but the air is fresh and clean and inspiring to work and create new designs…not tempted to go out and garden!fun to see the make overs!best,carol

  12. Dear Angela,I am not sure how I found you but I wanted to say that I LOVE your blog and your makeovers.I am hoping to get some pictures taken of my living room for your consideration.:-) Barbara

  13. Angela — What a great makeover! I especially like that you used what she had and didn’t suggest all “new” furniture. And, you really took into consideration her pet situation. I agree — the slipcovers are the best idea! I really enjoy reading your blog — you have some great ideas!

  14. Great digital makeover!hmmm…you may be getting pictures of my brick box ranch house. :)I need some suggestions for the exterior. It needs curb appeal.Kimberly ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. another great job Angela! I don’t know where you get all the energy! I do not know about you but I am beginning to feel the January blues! Come on down Spring!Ellen

  16. Lovey as per usual Angela, great makeover! Jenn and Jacqui

  17. I love your blog and your ideas for the makeover.

  18. I love your advice on this! Especially the custom slipcover bit. If my couch cushions werent smashed to smithareens, I might consider it myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Great suggestions! I love how the curtains really frame that huge window now.

  20. What a fantastic digital make-over! Love the new lighting fixture and the slip covers.Dena

  21. Michele Avatar

    This is my very first time to see a digital makeover, and what you did was awesome!!! I should send you my decorating dilema and get some help! YOu’re amazing!!

  22. Vernita Green Avatar
    Vernita Green

    At first glance, that big curved window in the back really does look like it’s a bay window, but since there’s no seat, it’s actually a lot easier to incorporate into the design. I really like the remodel ideas, but my 2 cents says to get rid of the fabric couches and go with leather (or a really nice leather slip cover). With all the other rich earth colors in that setup, I think it would look about a thousand times better!

  23. angela, somehow i have lost your address. i hope you get this note in a timely fashion. how are you?? both of your blogs have been on hold for such a while. i hope you are just busy pitting everything in order and not ill. or someone else ill. prayers for you, jane

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