Late June Blooms in the Pacific Northwest


June Blooms in the Bird and Butterfly Garden

June Blooms in the Bird and Butterfly Garden

Blooming Ditch Lily

Blooming Ditch Lily

Remember last week when I showed you the foxgloves and roses, but said the “next wave” was coming? Well, it’s here! The new flowers are starting to come into bloom, bringing brighter and wilder colors.

The first thing that always appears is the orange ditch lilies. It’s funny, because every Spring I’m so in love with the pinks and blues and I swear I’m going to tear out all the orange and yellow that’s coming down the pike, but as soon as summer starts and the orange and fuschia and purple and indigo take over, I fall in love with the brighter colors all over again.

I wish I could take credit for all this, but I didn’t really do it. I mean, yes, I built this bed and planted these plants (there was nothing here when I moved in five years ago). But it was mostly just a matter of answering two questions. First, “What didI bring with me from the old garden that attracts butterflies?”, and second (to be repeated several times each season), “What do I have on hand that I stuff in that bare spot?”

This bed evolves every year. I add things, things die. It’s a great bed for tinkering.

Bird and Butterfly Garden in June Bloom

Bird and Butterfly Garden in June Bloom

Verbena bonariensis and Catmint

Verbena bonariensis and Catmint

I love how the orange mixes with the pink and blue as summer starts to heat up.

Blooms of Ditch Lilies - Hemerocallis fulva

Blooms of Ditch Lilies – Hemerocallis fulva

This adorable little rose is an Apothecary’s rose, and is a recent gift from a friend. I have them in the herb bed right now, but this fall I will move them to a better home. They’re going to get way too huge and swamp my cooking herbs! The little blooms are so pretty, aren’t they?

Bloom of Apothecary's Rose - Rosa gallica var. officinalis

Bloom of Apothecary’s Rose – Rosa gallica var. officinalis

The gazebo “thing” is right in the corner, between the butterfly garden and the not-yet-defined-bed-that-I-haven’t-figured-out-but-is-full-of-foxgloves garden. I do love the foxgloves. I’m going to have to transplant a bunch of them, though, because I’m going to have to fix that bed one of these days.

Gazebo in Corner of Garden

Gazebo in Corner of Garden

OH yes, and lest you think I am some kind of superwoman who can keep her garden picked up at all times, I will remind you that I do, indeed, have children.

Children's Toys on the Back Garden Lawn

Children’s Toys on the Back Garden Lawn

While there’s still gray skies more often than not here in the Pacific Northwest, summer is definitely here.

What about you? Do your gardens change their colors for summer?


P.S. For the fellow plant enthusiasts, here’s the main things pictured:Ditch Lilies: Hemerocallis fulvaRose Campion: Lychnis coronariaYarrow: Achillea millefolium ‘Cerise Queen’Catmint: Nepeta x faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’Brazilian Verbena: Verbena bonariensisApothecary’s Rose: Rosa gallica var. officinalisFoxgloves: Digitalis purpurea

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10 responses to “Late June Blooms in the Pacific Northwest”

  1. Love your garden!

  2. hahaha, your last picture is the best … the real, real deal. But seriously, your gardens are beautiful. I love the evolving colors … I can’t say I regularly miss the seasons but I do miss cultivating our yard and gardens. Thank you for sharing yours!

  3. I do like all of the colour in your garden. Like yours, the colours in mine definitely change as the season moves on. If only the purple clematis on my arbour bloomed all summer long!-Karen

  4. Angela, your garden is gorgeous! We have those lilies by the side of the road and I see them everywhere around here.xoClaudia

  5. I always have red. But I love all the colors of the rainbow. And my garden is filled with that rainbow of colors every year. No matter where I live.Brenda

  6. The flowers look absolutely! I bet they smell really good, too. I think gardening is a lot about tinkering. Plants die or get too big. We find new ones to try.

  7. Derek Yarnell Avatar
    Derek Yarnell

    With shade gardening I’ve had to worry less about colour choice (if it blooms in the shade, I’ll grow it), but I admit to loving bright colours and I’m loving the Sundrops most of all right now.

  8. You have a lovely garden. Love the mix of blues and pinks and reds. I am envious of your Brazilian Verbena. Mine did not seem to come up this year. Maybe next year…or maybe it’s too small to see yet. I have to get red lychnis. Mine is white with a pink tinge.Happy GardeningYael from Home Garden Diggers

  9. Angela,Your gardening philosophy is much like mine. Plant it, water it and let it bloom. I especially like red bee balm to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Love the fragrance.Your Friend,Deborah

  10. Ah hell, I miss your garden already! I’m glad I get to visit it on your blog. The Apothecary’s rose is so pretty – I’m glad it’s blooming for you after the transplant so you can see what it really looks like. When the plant is more established I think the bloom size will actually be bigger.

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