Luxurious Vintage Glamour Master Bedroom Inspiration



Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Cottage style is known for its light and airy quality, but cottage can also be luxurious, as in this bedroom designed by Jennifer from The Old Painted Cottage.

Jennifer’s room uses an elegant, nearly monochromatic palette of taupes and creams, with just a hint of pink. Built around the soft taupe walls, in this case, “Antique Bone” by Ralph Lauren, Jennifer’s room is like a sumptuous French hotel.

Jennifer’s home has been featured in Romantic Country with good reason. She has a gorgeous home, full of French and shabby country style. Her bedroom is a more romantic, textural space, and when I talked to her about how she made her color choices, this is what she had to say:

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

What was the inspiration for the room color?The color was inspired by a bolt of fabric. Seriously. That fabric that I used on the headboard, it served as my color palette for the entire room. I had found the bolt at a flea market and it instantly struck me.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

You have a very distinct style–how would you describe it?My style in general is romantic cottage. However, for my bedroom I wanted it to feel like a luxurious French hotel room. I always dreamed of having a glamorous bedroom.

Which came first, the wall color or the other elements?It began with the fabric for the headboard, then the wall color next, and then everything else fell into place. I used champagne colored silk curtains and bedding. Cream colored faux fur pillows and a white flokati rug. This room is all about texture, luxurious fabrics and materials.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Once you knew you were going to go with taupe, how did you decide on this particular shade?Sounds funny, but I really didn’t have any plans for this color until I spotted that bolt of fabric at the flea market. Impulsive, huh?

What do you love most about the room?

I love that every time I enter my bedroom, I feel like I’m entering a glamorous hotel room, even though it’s just 5 steps away from my office.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

That headboard is fantastic! How did you make it?It was originally a mantle, and it was the true begining of the entire “room project”. I’d found it on the side of someone’s house and paid $100 for it. It was solid black and very plain. The second I spotted it, I knew it would make a great headboard. I used 4 coats of creamy white paint, added tons of rose /cherub appliques, and I made the tufted insert by hand, and then voila!

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

How did you do the words above the headboard?That’s vinyl wall lettering! I saw the phrase in a store once, and it always stayed with me.

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Luxurious Light Taupe Bedroom

Where did you find the hanging bedside chandeliers?They are circa 1930’s and I found them at a flea market.

What a luxurious, beautiful, romantic, glamorous room. I’m not sure that I’d have the willpower to get out of bed each morning in a room this sumptuous. What a treat to see. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing it with us!

Jen ~ Old Painted Cottage

Jen ~ Old Painted Cottage

About The Designer Jennifer is an antiques collector and dealer, in the business for over 10 years. She started out selling at flea markets and selling eBay, then started her own website in 2006, which has been very successful. Her blog is like a personal journal for her to share her antiquing journeys and triumphs, neat decorating ideas, funny stories and personal family life. It has allowed her customers to get to know her on a more personal level; “the girl behind the website,” and it has opened up many new friendships. You can find Jen at her website, The Old Painted Cottage, or at her blog, also titled The Old Painted Cottage. Photos in this article are Copyright ©2007 Jennifer ~ The Old Painted Cottage and are used by permission.


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  1. I fell in love with this room the first time I saw it and all over again now. It is seriously just to die for. Gorgeously romantic and soft. Thanks for sharing all the details!!

  2. Yolanda Elizabet Avatar
    Yolanda Elizabet

    I like a woman who does not bolt at the first sight of a bolt of taupe fabric. 😉 Taupe is a wonderful colour, very underrated. It’s not only a good colour to use in the home as is so eloquently demonstrated by Jennifer but it is also a good colour to wear.Lovely post Angela and Jennifer, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love Jennifer’s room! It is beautiful and very romantic – thanks for sharing!

  4. What a peaceful, relaxing color pallet. Perfect for the bedroom. Thanks for sharing it with us. ~Adrienne~

  5. What a gorgeous room – I love the monochromatic look that isn’t boring at all because of all the shading and textures.C’est une chambre tres charmante!Lorrie

  6. What a pretty room that Jennifer has created! It is truly beautiful and I can see why it was published.Rhoda

  7. Lynne Laura Avatar
    Lynne Laura

    What a feast for us Angela. Thank you for this wonderful post, so romantic.Lynne Laura

  8. Avatar

    Vinyl wall lettering–I love that!

  9. It is so beautiful and so very tranquil! Looking at this makes me want to redo my bedroom again! I love how elegant it is!

  10. Sweet Angela, I am so incredibly honored to have my bedroom featured on your site. I think it looks prettier here than in real life, ha ha! I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort. This is truly a beautiful feature you have created, and I look forward to your future color inspired rooms.oxoxJennifer

  11. Linda@ Restyled Home Avatar
    Linda@ Restyled Home

    Wow!! What else can I say? Jennifer’s style is impeccable and her home is a delight! Thanks for the peek inside her beautiful bedroom.

  12. lindenhaus Avatar

    Ohh..That is one pretty bedroom. Do you think us ordinary mortals can buy vinyl letters like that? Are they for sale at Michael’s or other places? That is such an elegant touch. Thanks so much for tracking down all these great rooms!

  13. Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio Avatar
    Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

    I love all of Jennifers decorating, but especially her bedroom. I would love to know the color and maker of the creamy white paint she used on the headboard. The right whites are always so hard to find.Penny

  14. I love you both and you keep me excited about fixing up my house once the gardening is done. I keep coming back to see what ya’ll are up to so I can stay inspired. You both deserve many thanks for all your hard work and giving us some beautiful ideas to work with. I hope you are getting plenty of traffic from my site. I have linked to both of you. My very best wishes to both of you.I love the monochromatic look and the words above the bed. I have it on my to do list.

  15. Great interview and beautiful photos. I would love to live in this bedroom. Very romantic and relaxing!

  16. Angela thank you so much for sharing this wonderful feature on sweet Jenn! Her room is gorgeous – so creatively designed and oozes cozy elegance. Beautiful job – BOTH OF YOU.xo,Kim

  17. Gasp! I love that bedroom! I’ve visited Jennifer’s blog many times, but I’ve never seen this room before. It’s gorgeous! I have an all taupe bedroom that I’ve been wanting add some changes to. I’m so inspired by this room!

  18. I love how understated and restrained this room is, while still being incredibly romantic and inviting. Thanks for sharing it with us! -Julia 🙂

  19. D'Rae Avatar

    that is such a lovely room!

  20. I love those antique purses hanging on the wall. Such a pretty idea.

  21. Avatar

    wow the room is so beautifulthank you for the posthugs Beth

  22. opps that was mehugs Beth

  23. What a beautiful room. I have visited Jennifer’s blog – lovely…Kathy

  24. what a beautiful room!! wow…i LOVE the headboard, what a fantastic idea!! thanks for sharing such great ideas!! 🙂

  25. Theresa N Avatar
    Theresa N

    Beautiful room. The inspiration for my quest room came from a bolt of fabric, but it didn’t look like this when I finished.

  26. I’d love to have a house that would accommodate a lavish bedroom like this.Plus, I’d like to be tidy!

  27. Hi, What a beautiful room! I love the colors. It is my type of colors and style. Her site is wonderful, also. “Romantic Homes” is a great magazine! Thanks for sharing her site with me.Cindi

  28. Oh WOW! I love, love, love the headboard, and for that matter the whole room! If only my bedroom were a little larger. Oh well, I still love this rambling house, uneven floors and all!

  29. I love Jennifer’s room and her cottage of the month is so wonderful. Something to look forward to on the 1st of every month. Taupe seems so overdone these days, but I think it’s only that way because people do not have the creativity or imagination to give taupe spice. Jennifer did it beautifully. Thanks for sharing.Kelli

  30. fated follies studio Avatar
    fated follies studio

    i love romantic cottage too but i think i settle more for romantic modern because my husband would whine like a baby! he already does that though, lol.jenny

  31. Crystal Avatar

    What a lovely room . I love the color of the walls 🙂 Thanks for sharing :)crystal 🙂

  32. Jennifer’s bedroom is just gorgeous..I love the soft taupy colors, it looks so relaxing how she had done her room. I esp. like her vintage purses with the mirror hooks display and the chandys…the girls got taste.

  33. I love the vinyl letters. I think I will try this in our bedroom. The mantle is so romantic! If I ever stumble across an old one, I will know what to do.

  34. What a gorgeous, romantic bedroom! I’ve seen the vinyl lettering on Etsy and I just love it as shown on the wall above the bed! Patti

  35. Susan Cahill Avatar
    Susan Cahill

    I love this room, thanks for the inspiration and all the great ideas.

  36. I love, love, love that bedroom! It’s so romantic and soothing without too much sweet. I just bless those guys who let their wives have pink bedrooms. This is such a great balance. I do love Jennifer’s style and enjoy her blog. Actually, I think hers was the first one I found.Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you feel better soon.

  37. Jennifer Grenko Avatar
    Jennifer Grenko

    I would love to know where to buy the mirrors with the hooks that are used to hang the vintage evening bags! I would love to buy some for myself… Please don’t say you made them!! The room is gorgeous! Love the mantle, Love the chandeliers – it’s just lovely.

  38. I just discovered your beautiful blog from Jennifer’s which I’ve been visiting for the last year or so ~ I will visit your blog often now to see the inspiring rooms. Thank you for dreaming up colour inspirations!Vickie…

  39. Clean and crisp colors. Very pretty. Another post for my chance on the quilt!

  40. Wow Jennifer’s bedroom is the ultimate retreat; just beautiful!!

  41. Michele Avatar

    I want this bedroom!!!!! I think that pretty much says it all, LOL!! :-)

  42. Pam A fr NY Avatar
    Pam A fr NY

    I just love Jennifer’s bedroom, especially the hanging pocketbooks!what a romantic she must be!!!

  43. I love this post!

  44. I found you through Jennifer’s blog. Her room is so romantic and glamorous, while comfortable and cozy at the same time! I love that many of the unique elements of the room were created by hand by Jennifer with different “finds” that she envisioned a use for in her home.

  45. Wow, this bedroom is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could lay there in bed with the laptop on my kness reading all your fantastic blogsHave a nice day!Sabine

  46. Bethany Avatar

    Hi Angela.Your website is beautiful. I love the feature you did on the romantic cottage bedroom. I wanted to let you know that I finally got a room at Sweet Pea’s Rose Cottage in Milwaukie. I am sooooo excited. I spent all day Thursday painting it a very pale pink. I get to move all my treasures in tomorrow. My room will be up and ready June 3rd. I am going to have a lot of vintage bridal treasures for June. Raylene Peraza is the owner and we hit it off great and have so much in common. We wanted to open the invitation to you to come down and check it out. Your are more than welcome to take photographs for your blog.I hope you are feeling better.Talk to you soon.BethanyP.S. Your arbor across the street with the roses is so beautiful and full of blooms.

  47. Ally Beech Avatar
    Ally Beech

    this has to be one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen…..

  48. Sandy Nashed Avatar
    Sandy Nashed

    Oh my God … I fell in love with this room and every time I look at it 🙂 beautiful is the min to be said,I was wondering can we have more close up detailed photos.Thank you for such a lovely inspiration.Sandy Nashed

  49. This bedroom is beautiful. I love the romantic and soft feeling the colors express while creating an elegant and luxurious space. Is there anyway I could translate this color pallet into my wedding color theme? Taupe bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen vests/ties with a touch of pink in the decor/flowers perhaps?

  50. cherylsfascinatingfinds Avatar

    What inspiration!!!!come visit me at my blog if you will, Cheryl

  51. trish beach Avatar
    trish beach

    the most fabulous pair of shoes i’ve ever owned were a pair of very expensive lush leather stiletos. so soft and buttery it felt like they could melt. they loved me and every thing i wore with them. this room looks like it could have the same story. you can never go wrong with a great pair of taupe shoes(makes the legs look long) and apparently a taupe bedroom is also a magical way to soften your life and keep it beautiful…no matter what.

  52. My husband and I have been looking for a wall color for our master bedroom and we have FINALLY found it! I love everything about this bedroom, every-thing! This is the exact look I have been trying to get my hubby to envision. Now that he has seen it, I have the go-a-head to begin. YEAAA! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ooh, that is so exciting! That room is gorgeous, I want a copy of it for myself, too! 🙂 ~Angela~

  53. Elizabeth Atkins Avatar
    Elizabeth Atkins

    Just built a 10 x 12 little house I thought I wanted for a green house, but now thinking I need a painting/greenhouse! I bought two palladium windows for front and back of this Little House!! It is beautiful!! But need help getting it into the shabby chic feeling!! You might be the one to do this!!

    1. Hi Elizabeth. It sounds really cute!! Do you have pictures? ~Angela~

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