Pear Tree Cottage Family Room

Pear Tree Cottage Family Room via

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I have been working on my family room lately. I’m trying to get that mix of light and airy mixed with happy vintage that I fell in love with when I read Perfect English Cottage by Ros Bynam Shaw (my review is linked below).

It’s been a long time to really discover what makes me happy in a room, but I think I’ve finally hit on the recipe. It has to be bright and light and airy (which means no clutter!), but it also has to be happy, colorful, charming and have some vintage flair.

I call it, “Happy Vintage Charm,” and I’m hoping to use this idea in all of our rooms going forward.

Meanwhile, I used what I had on hand to try and create a space in our family room to start with. It’s definitely not perfect, but it ticks the right boxes for me and gives me some hope that I do have the recipe that works for me.

All the projects, resources and articles I did, found or wrote when I created this space are listed below. But first, some eye candy:

Vintage TV Trays and Tissue Paper Flowers via

Scrappy Rag Garland and Floral Vintage Painting via

Pear Tree Cottage Family Room Pillows via

Pear Tree Cottage Family Room via

Projects/Items in this Room

Pear Tree Cottage Family Room via

Tissue Paper Flowers via

That’s it!!

I still have projects to do (a real floor, paint the wooden chairs), but for now at least I’m happy.

All of the projects and resources in the room are available at the links above, but if there’s some question you would like to have answered and can’t find it, leave a comment below or come find me on Facebook or Instagram!

Updated:It must be said that part of the success of a room depends on it being free of clutter! If you need help in that area, you might want to check out theDecluttering section of my blog.

See you there!

Love, Angela



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