Restoration Hardware Silver Sage vs. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt


If you recall, when we last left our intrepid designer (that would be *ahem* me), she had just had her client (that would be the two-year-old) select a color palette (pale greenish-blue, lavender and pink) and an inspiration room (which, incidentally, is also pale greenish-blue, lavender and pink).

Then we had a big ole’ break because we had to handle some electrical work. Vintage houses, amiright? Anyway, we are back in business.

So, speaking of that absolutely gorgeous inspiration room, the lovely woman who actually owns that absolutely gorgeous inspiration room, Amy McGee from McGee Life, was kind enough to tell me the name of the paint color on the walls.

It’s Restoration Hardware, “Silver Sage.”

Which I thought was really, really interesting, since years back when I had that genius designer lady who told me about the new look of track lighting (and saved my hiney on my old kitchen) she ALSO told me about an amazing, fabulous, paint color that I should keep on my list of must-do paint colors.

Wanna take a guess as to which color it was?


So, I called up Restoration Hardware and ordered myself a fan deck, and now I have in my hot little hands, a paint chip of “Silver Sage.”

Isn’t it fantastic? It’s so soft and barely greenish-blueish and just beautiful.

In fact, I’m noticing as I am looking at it, that it seems familiar somehow. I mean, beyond the fact that I just saw it in the inspiration photo. It’s reminding me of something. Something like many beautiful blogs with beautiful rooms who have been using paints from the same paint chip strip…


Ah HA!

I knew it!

You know this strip, right? It has Oyster Bay on it. It has Comfort Gray on it. It has Sea Salt on it. It’s famous, nearly.

Okay, maybe just to me, but I’ve seen these colors around a lot. And with good reason. They’re gorgeous!! In fact, I’ve had Comfort Gray on my list ever since I saw it on The Nester’s blog in her front room with the giant plate wall. Love that.

I’m thinking that the Silver Sage is right between Comfort Gray and Sea Salt. So. Since Restoration Hardware is an hour away, and Sherwin Williams is about a block away and I really like their paint, I’m going to go with the SW on this one. Baby Girl’s room is a bit on the dark side, so I’m going to go with Sea Salt.

And voila! We have a paint color! Woo hoooooo!!!

It’s only been months. Heh. Really, I should be embarrassed, except I’m too excited!

Hee hee.

How long does it take you to pick a paint color?

Love, Angela



5 responses to “Restoration Hardware Silver Sage vs. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt”

  1. Hi Angela!I love those colors… and I really like your blog as always and the photos.I´m back blogging again! :)Love Annie

  2. Linden Townhouse Avatar
    Linden Townhouse

    Oh, so pretty! I love colors too, even though I’m doing white in our little place. I think Janice of “Canadian Cottage” is using a color very similar to this on many walls in her new old home. It really does function as a neutral. Keep up the good work!

  3. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    Are you kidding? Picking the paint color is the hardest part of the whole job! Even harder than the prep work, which isn’t always a piece of cake either. And cleaning the rollers and brushes is also a pain.Sea salt looks lovely. And if you do find a place for Silver Sage, can SW mix to match the color? I’m looking forward to more. Have fun!

  4. Thank you so much for your post! I have been struggling-and painter coming on Tuesday (I have never paid a painter so I am so nervous about getting it wrong!) We redid our kitchen black and white, white ice granite and brown floors-I had picked Silver Sage b/c a friend had it and I loved it-but painter wants to use Sherwin Williams and am still torn between Sea Salt and Comfort Gray. We are painting entire 1st floor since it is an open floor plan. Any suggestions? How did you choose b/w the two?

    1. Hi Holly!! I’m so sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment. It’s been a crazy holiday season. What did you end up deciding on your paint? I still haven’t painted my little girls’ room, so I never had to face the music, so to speak, about my color choices. My best suggestion, though, is to find rooms online that are painted with the colors you’re considering and see what you like best. I mean, it’s hard because the rooms won’t look the same as yours because of the lighting and all, but for me it at least gives me an idea. Anyway, I hope it turned out well, let me know! ~Angela~

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