Top 5 Favorite Instagram Posts This Year

So, you may or may not know that I love Instagram and spend a fair bit of time there. It’s such a great community and such a treat to see what people are working on and sharing your own work. It’s also fun to see which posts people get excited about — it’s often not the ones you thought it would!!

Here, in reverse order, are this year’s top 5 most popular posts from my Instagram feed:

Number 5: Make Do Patch and Coin Quilt

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019 via

One of the quilts I finished this year was my “Make Do Patch and Coin” quilt. Oh, this quilt had SO many problems. So many. On top of which I was pretty sure I was going to hate it and had hated it from the beginning (well, once it got past a certain point but that’s a story for another day). Between my uncertainty and its issues I kept putting it off and putting it off and putting it off until I finally just powered through and got it done. (See it on Instagram.)

Number 4: Resident Quilt Inspectors

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019 via

In working on my studio space this fall, I did a bunch of de-stashing and cleared some shelf space. Of course as soon as I cleared the shelf, Thing 2 decided that he needed to have the space for himself. (See it on Instagram.)

Here’s how it went. Thing 2 showed me that he felt that the space was his, then I succumbed and gave him a little folded bit of quilt. Then of course Thing 1 decided that HE wanted to be up there, too, so I succumbed and made the spot bigger. Then of course they both promptly decided they didn’t want to sleep up there any more (I think one of them may have fallen off at some point). I fluffed their space and tried to entice them, but they’ve refused to sleep up there ever since. Here’s a series that shows the whole progression:

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019 via

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019 via

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019 via

For the next in the series, you have to proceed to….

Number 3: My Studio Space

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019 via

As I was saying, I put a lot of work into my studio space this year. In this latest iteration (there have been several), I have an office and a quilting space together in a corner of a standard-sized bedroom. The other quadrants are used by my kids for their homeschooling desks and craft spaces. It took a huge effort of editing, organizing and de-stashing to get to where my fabric all fit on the one shelf (if barely), and I was so excited I shared a photo on my feed. (See it on Instagram.)

Number 2: My Quilt Story

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019 via

In the fall of 2017 I was lucky enough to have my picture taken with my quilts in a gorgeous field of zinnias at a local farm. Since then, this picture has been used in various places including along with an essay I wrote in 2017 for Rural Magazine about my failing bookstore and my plan to make quilts for a living (as I mentioned, I no longer make quilts for sale, instead I want to teach others to make their own quilts). Most recently, I used this picture to share some things about me as a quilter. (See it on Instagram.)

Number 1: Baby Quilts

Top 5 Most Popular Instagram Posts of 2019 via

This photo is of five of the baby quilts I had made on my quest to make 1,000 baby quilts. I don’t think I’m going to make it to 1,000 and I’m no longer selling quilts. But I AM going to be teaching other people how to make baby quilts and sharing my patterns for these quilts for free in my content library. If you want to find out when the patterns are available, get on my newsletter, Three Things Thursday. The new additions will be announced there. 🙂 (See it on Instagram.)

That’s It!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the five most popular posts I shared on Instagram this year!! What’s your favorite? Comment below or come and chat with me on Facebook or Instagram!

Love, Angela



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