Valentine Cottage Living Room Reveal



Living Room and Dining Room Complete!

Living Room and Dining Room Complete!

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Dining Room

Dining Into Living

Dining Into Living

Dining Into Kitchen

Dining Into Kitchen

I can’t believe it. I really can’t! After months of stress, sweat, toil and late-night painting sessions, my home is finally on the market! Yow! I know that I’ve been seriously offline this summer, and I apologize (again). But this time I’m back to stay. For the rest of this week it’s all pix of the old house, then starting next week we’ll kick off the holiday season with a batch of Halloween projects and goodness. Thank you for your patience! Okay, enough drivel, let’s see pix! When you first walk in, that picture above is what you see, the living room and a peek into the dining room. Here’s another shot of the living room: Then you can walk into the dining room: Look over your shoulder back into the living room: From where you can get a peek… Of the kitchen…./l/living-dining-complete-5.jpg” width=”400″ height=”300″ border=”0″ alt=”Kitchen Peek” /> What a tease, huh? I’ll post photos of the kitchen tomorrow and the rest on Friday. Then next week we’ll kick off the holiday season with a batch of Halloween projects and goodness! That’s right, I’m back! ๐Ÿ™‚

Resources.Living Room

  • Coffee Table with candles and tray: Coffee table, scrap project to be posted here soon, $5. Tray from Dollar Tree, $1. Candles, ‘Fenomen’ from IKEA, $8.

  • Couch with throw and pillows: Couch purchased two years ago on clearance at JCPenney, $279. Throw from Fred Meyer, $20. Pillow borrowed.

  • Slipcovered easy chairs with throw pillows.: From IKEA. Chairs, ‘Ektorp Jennylund,’ $199 each. Pillow covers, ‘Lotton,’ $20/pair. Pillow insers, down, ‘Fjadrar,’ $7 each.

  • Mantle decoration: Mirror from Thursday Morning, $80. Vases from IKEA, ‘Arv Idyll,’ $7 each. Dried twigs and berries from Jo-Ann Fabrics, ~$12 total. Remaining items from personal collection.

Dining Room

  • Table and chairs: Table, limited promotion from IKEA, $49. Chairs bought two years ago on clearance at Target, $40/pair. Chair slipcovers from IKEA, ‘Henriksdal,’ $20 each.

  • Mirror: Mirror, pine-framed from Stanley, purchased at Fred Meyer, painted with ‘Dark Secret’ semi-gloss paint from Glidden. $39 + paint.

  • Flower arragement: Glass vase, from IKEA, ‘Kanist,’ $8. Glass stones from Dollar Tree, $1/bag of 20. Eucalyptus from Jo-Ann Fabric, $5.


24 responses to “Valentine Cottage Living Room Reveal”

  1. Gorgeous house and a perfct staging job. Sure wish my clients would do that. Good luck, should sell quickly.Janet

  2. Yay! You’re back!! You already know how gorgeous I think your old house is. The new one is coming along nicely too though. I hope this house sells fast!

  3. I’ve missed you!Holy crap! No wait… HOLY SHIT your house is awesome! I just love what you’ve done – looks like a magazine house. Sell, sell, sell! If I had any good house selling mo-jo… I’d send it.I’ll be holding my breath until we get to see the kitchen.

  4. Oh my goodness, Angela, you’ve been BUSY! Your house is absolutely gorgeous…are you sure you want to sell?! I know, you’ve already purchased another…but Wow!I can’t wait to see you work your genius on your current house. I’ve missed you and have peeked in here frequently. Glad you’re back!Oh, and I love all the great deals you got on your decorative accessories! That just shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune for a great looking home!

  5. Hellooo???? You really have to sell it? How hard must that be?? It is gorgeous, and you have done a fabulous job decorating/staging it!! And what a bargain hunter you are…a girl after my own heart! I bet snobby folks would have no idea the prices you paid. It is perfect…in fact I want it!! It has such charming features!!I’m off to tell my sister Wendy that you’re back!!!Can’t wait to see your new house…!!!Linda

  6. Fabulous! I would think it would be hard to part with it. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I’m SO happy to see you back. Don’t go away again. Please?

  7. It is wonderful!! Love it!xo,Kim

  8. OK, I’m in the loop now..just went back & saw the house you bought! 70’s fixer upper, but looks like it has good bones. This will be fun for you! Congrats again…Rhoda

  9. Angela, I am so glad you are back. I’ve missed you!Your house is so beautiful I am sure someone will snatch it right up. Can’t wait for more pics.

  10. Oh, my…I hate that you have to sell this one. What a gorgeous job of decorating it & all the details are just scrumptious. I know you must be sad to see it go. Now, I’d love to see what you are going to do with the new house. I don’t know if it is older too?? I’ll have to read up & see. You have a great eye!Rhoda

  11. Oh – How Elegant!!! I love taupe colored walls with white trim!

  12. WOW!! It looks amazing! I’m SO happy your back though, I discovered your blog right before you went MIA and I wanted to see more inspiration. And BTW, can you teach me to shop cause d@mn you get some great deals!!! Teach me your ways, lol.

  13. Looks FABULOUS, dahling. So tidy and clean. I do love white space.–Robin (Bumblebee)

  14. Angela, well done. It is so beautiful and fresh and welcoming, Oh to win a squillion dollars, then I could buy it and just dash back and forth across the world to live in it.

  15. Yes, that’s the house I’m looking for. Except it needs to be in Ohio.Everything looks fantastic. All of your hard work will pay off, for sure.Kimberly ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I would buy your house and change nothing!!! Do you have any photos of the outside…I’m so curious…and I can’t wait to see what you do to your new house…glad your back!~Thanks! I do have photos of the outside somewhere on here…I’ll try to post another one soon. ~A ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. So gorgeous! I love your frugality without sacrificing on style. Maybe I should move across the river to Milwaukie…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I’m just south of Milwaukie but I’m not moving from my sweet little home. You did an awesome job. I’m sure it will sell soon! ~Adrienne~

  19. These rooms might be the coziest I’ve ever seen! What a beautiful job you did. I, too, love cottage style, arts & crafts type decorating. The bead board in the dining area really sets the room off…lovely!

  20. Hi! It’s beautiful!! Could you tell me what color you used for the walls?Many thanks,Ursula

  21. Michele Avatar

    I love how your house looks….I know it’s your old house, but it still looks really beautiful. I bet it sold really fast!!Also, thanks so much for including where you bought the things in the pictures!!

  22. Hi Angela,Would you mind sharing with me what colours you used for your living room and dining room?Thanks!Pat

  23. Beautiful room! I’m seemingly years late in finding and commenting on this gorgeous room, however, would be THRILLED to know the paint color of the walls. It’s perfect and exactly what I’m looking for in my living room. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Lesley — thanks for writing! It has been so long since I finished that room that I don’t remember off the top of my head what color it is. But I’ll see if I can find it and let you know. ~Angela~

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