How to Decorate a Boy’s Room With Thrifted Finds


I’ve been talking quite a bit about thrifting, and I thought it would be fun to see how all this “stuff,” actually gets used.

My son’s room has a vintage western theme, built within the basic cottage style of the rest of the house. So his room has the basic palette of cream and white, but then brings in the additional colors of red, blue and rusty brown. As I’ve thrifted for him, I’ve kept these color and style ideas in mind. It’s a work in progress, but here are some of the items I’ve used so far:

  1. The chandelier I found at Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I was surprised that my son wanted it for his room, but I think it looks great. We spray painted it a mix of charcoal and copper and removed all the beads. I’ll use those elsewhere.

  2. A copper metal airplane music box from Salvation Army ($6). He also has a car that plays “Tijuana Taxi.”

  3. A handpainted, handmade wooden rocking horse from Goodwill, a steal at $5.

  4. The quilt is my own creation, but the shams are from Goodwill ($1-$2 each). I’d like to change the shams to a solid now that the quilt is finished.

  5. This painting was about $6.50 at Goodwill. Collecting original paintings in this price range takes patience, but I just love thrifted paintings. I’d like to add some other items here to fill out the wall.

The rest of the items are from clearance or discount stores. I’m happy with how it’s coming together and recycling and saving money at the same time!

What about you? How have you used your latest thrift item?

Love, Angela



Wall Color: “Decor White” from Sherwin-Williams.

Bed, curtains and curtain hardware: IKEA.

Bookshelf: Cost Plus.

Hanging metal stars: Fred Meyer.

Word art: JC Penney.


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  1. Angela, you have done such a great job! I am going to be working on my son’s bedroom in a couple of weeks and these are some very cute ideas! We got him a captain’s bed so that’s a start! Great job with the colors and making it for a boy but not screaming obnoxiously boy at the same time. I love how classy everything you do is!

  2. I love the way this room looks very clean and bright, but still cozy and warm at the same time. You’re feeding my itch to go thrifting again 🙂

  3. The room looks great. Sometimes it does take a while to find just the right thing, but it’s so great when it comes together.I keep meaning to do a post about my latest thrift store day that was really great. I got some decorative stuff I love – floral china plates with turquoise in their rims, blue and white china I’m trying to build a collection of, a tole tray. I also got some practical stuff that also makes a difference – a waste basket for the living room (I’ve been on the lookout for a reasonably priced one since we moved in the fall) and a new one for the bathroom. They were $2 each in the perfect color and style for these rooms. I love it when it just comes together like that.Anyway, your blog is always a delight. Have a great day. :)Jennifer

  4. AngelaThis is such a cute little boys room love the cowboy theme my son had a cowboy quilt when he was little and loved it. Don’t you just love when things come together.

  5. Hello! I think this may be my first time posting on your blog =-)…it’s great!Funny you should mention Thrifting!!! I am fairly new to this but I have found some wonderful things. Was just out today and this is what I came up with—*two darling hat boxes…one with a cherub’s face, and one with the Eiffel Tower..*a cute basket*2 floral paintings*a glass canister*a wooden compote (it’s cute but it must be hard to imagine)*a fancy brass trash can*two little green transferware plates*a wooden paddle with a cute heart cut-out from Longaberger* a sweet kitchen tin, new and clean enough to really use!* a patchwork potholder* a very unique and precious wooden BOOT that is from the Tell City chair company….AND IT WOULD LOOK SO SWEET IN YOUR LITTLE BOY’S COWBOY BEDROOM! It’s about 12″ tall and hangs on the wall.We are new empty nesters and so I am redoing two bedrooms. All of these items look amazing and are already in place in the rooms!Also, from a yard sale a few weeks ago… a nice maple chest of drawers and desk for our son’s college bedroom. My husband is repainting these with Milk Paint. He does a great job and son’s room will look so nice!And, finally, my most amazing purchase, but not from today….a chest of drawers and hutch from the Hitchcock Chair Company!!! (google Hitchcock). This is something that has been on my wish list forever and I literally found these pieces with the tags still on. We were out running around and I saw this Salvation Army store and practically dragged my DH in. I am so glad I did.So there you go-sorry for the long post.Take care and happy thrifting!

  6. What a fun boy’s room!

  7. Angela, glad to see you back & posting! Wondered what you’ve been up to. What a cute boy’s room you have done. Looks great.Rhoda

  8. Hi Angela….wonderful job on your boy’s room. Do you find that the Ikea stuff holds up? I was wondering about their slipcovered sofas and chairs? I might be going to the Portland one here this Summer and was wondering if it is worth the trip. Thanks, cherry

  9. Sorry the link does not work!

  10. Oh, I think his room looks great and I love the chandelier! I have to go to that ReStore!Jen R

  11. Avatar

    You’ve done a great job. It does take time for all the pieces to show up when you’re thrifting. It takes patience. All I could think of when I saw the room is – – you need some of the vintage cowboy wallpaper that my daughter discovered in the closet of her apartment. She’s living in the top two floors of a historic home. The wallpaper is amazing!! There are pictures of it in my archives. Wait a minute……here it is….. Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  12. So glad you are back!

  13. lindenhaus Avatar

    What a cozy room that is! The quilt is lovely. It’s so good to see you back.

  14. Oh, I love this room. I have two cross-stitched western scenes that were in my little brother’s room when we were little (1960’s). I wanted to use them in my sons’ room, but they were not interested AT ALL! Your chandelier is an amazing find- now I really have to check out that Restore. My most recent thrift treasures are:a vanity table from the 1920’s – $9.50fabulous, tufted chair – $11lemon shaped teapot – $2.50I do love thrifting! I’m so glad you are back. I had only recently found you before your (unplanned) break!

  15. this is a lovely room and quite grown up without being characterless- you must have great taste!

  16. Hi Angela,I was wondering if you used a quilt pattern for the quilt or if it was something you came up with on your own?Excellent post!Many Blessings,Melissa

  17. I love that room!! Boys rooms are actually more fun to decorate than I would have imagined. I actually got a bunny statue at Goodwill the other week for $5.00. I was so excited since I have been wanting one for a few years. Thrifting has been great for me these past few weeks!!Elise

  18. I love seeing how people actually make use of their great finds. I’m also really happy to see a post here again!

  19. What a nice, fun room! I am still in the collecting stages LOL But I am starting to find homes for a few odds and ends, like the curtains I hung up in one boy’s room. They were so excited! LOL And the $26 worth of curtains only cost me $2 at my thrift store. LOVE saving and finding great stuff! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  20. I love this room. The chandlier really works too. Great colors and details.

  21. Yay! So glad you’re back. And your post is on thrifting…my favorite pasttime! I have to agree with you 100% on the paintings — there is nothing like the thrill of finding a good thrifted painting. I’ve found a couple this summer that I’m in love with. And I’m on a bit of a “thifting bender”…my July 17 and July 15 posts show off some of my recent deals. See what you think!

  22. AngelaWhat a great looking boys room–thanks for showing us how it was all put together!

  23. This room is adorable and I love your blog in general. I’d love more information on where you do most of your thrifting, and also on your quilt that you made for this room- and more detailed pictures of it.Thanks!

  24. Matt Jaworski Avatar
    Matt Jaworski

    Finally, my most amazing purchase, but not from today….a chest of drawers and hutch from the Hitchcock Chair Company!!! (google Hitchcock). This is something that has been on my wish list forever and I literally found these pieces with the tags still on. We were out running around and I saw this Salvation Army store and practically dragged my DH in. I am so glad I did.

  25. Hi Angela! Love your post; sounds like your chandelier-loving boy has inherited his mom’s good taste, eh? Now I have to keep my eyes open for something like that; never would have thought of spray-painting one!I find loads of stuff at the thrift store. My most recent find was a “Radiant-wall, Spatter-free, Broiler-Grill” by Fridgedaire… doesn’t it sound amazingly impressive?? That would be a covered turkey roaster with a rack to us mere mortals, lol… anyhow, I had been wishing for a roaster and there it was–for $5!My all-time best finds, though, have to be the sewing table with chair (maple-finished) from the 1960s ($30), the Singer cabinet-model sewing machine with bench and accessories from 1952 ($40), and the one that is currently tickling my fancy—an old-fashioned jack o’lantern-orange-velvet-upholstered arm chair with wooden claw-and-ball feet, vintage unknown ($20)….the upholstery coordinates PERFECTLY with my dog’s fur, lol, since she is punkin-pie colored! And it also goes with the maple finish on the table and chair.Funny, I was never an “orange” person before, but I am sooo doing my living room in Autumn tones now! *grin*Best to you and welcome back!Cath

  26. What a Sweet room, I love a cottage style room, love your blog! Kimberly

  27. Angela,What a great room! You did a fabulous job with your thrift store finds to create a sweet room. Don’t you just love to decorate and know that you didn’t spend a fortune? I think that is the most fun kind of decorating. Amy 🙂

  28. Thrift shops are the best for finding treasures!Great post!Becky

  29. Hi AngelaWelcome back! I’ve missed you! Your son’s room is great and I love the quilt you made.Hugs, Rhondi

  30. What a sweet little boys room! I love the quilt!

  31. Linda@ Restyled Home Avatar
    Linda@ Restyled Home

    Hi Ange!I love your son’s room!! How I long to do a vintage cowboy theme in a little boy’s bedroom!! Luck you!I especially love that painting on the wall. I’d love to see a close-up…Excellent, as ever! You’ve made it so cozy!Linda

  32. Avatar

    I love this room! Great work!Pat

  33. Super cute room, Angela!Melissa

  34. hey Angela,welcome back!! love the room and I too use all kinds of found objects to decorate my boys room. It looks great!

  35. This is very inspirational! Love it.

  36. Oh Angela, That room is adorable!You really found some great items and at wonderful prices.Kimberly 🙂

  37. Avatar

    The room looks lovely, cottagey but boy suitable at the same time, that rocking horse was such a great find, I can’t beleive how cheap it was!My best thrifty find was this stool needs recovering and repainting, but only cost me £1 and will be used loads.

  38. Barbara Hache Avatar
    Barbara Hache

    Hi Angela !I love your sons room! I have been working on my daughters bedroom and she has decided that she wants a chandelier as well.I just so happen to have one in my basement because like you,I found one that I loved for a great price (free!).I have missed seeing your wonderful posts and I hope that you are doing well now. We have had a similar few months and it is no fun!I wanted to let you know that I have painted my livingroom Havana Cream on your suggestion and I love it! That’s about all that I have done in the room but I am starting to look for a new couch and chairs and a fireplace but that will come.Thank you for your inspiration!:-) Barbara

  39. What a great room, I love every little detail!xo Lidy

  40. I love your son’s room! Love that red and blue color scheme and how the “theme” is very subtle, not over the top. You’ve done a great job thrifting. Hope you’re having a great summer!

  41. Hey Angela,Yesterday was my 100th post wooooo hooo anyway I am doing a giveaway so stop on by!!

  42. Awe, I could play in that room. What a greatjob youve done. Fun!!~kimme

  43. Love your son’s bedroom. I don’t have a son myself but my nephews would love to have something like this!

  44. AngelaI love how subtle the room is–no screaming dinosaurs, it still celebrates the loveliness of a young life!

  45. Avatar

    Love the colors in the room & so glad to find another thrift shop gal. It looks like a homey, cozy space for your son. Stop by & visit me sometime, DebraK

  46. This is a great post, full of great information.I love that light fixture. We shopped at our HFH Restore all the time, and sadly they closed recently. I’m always on the look out for great thrift finds!!!! This is a great boys room:)

  47. Angela – great job as always! Makes me wish for a little cowboy around here! Noticed you haven’t posted again for a while – hope all is well! (Was it you, who at one point invited readers to email pictures of their rooms for the ‘Magpie’ treatment? If ever I get myself that organized…)Thinking of you -Take care – Kate

  48. Angela, I love your before-and-afters. I am hoping you post a shot of your garden/yard this year. I thought your old garden with the yellow house, arbor, etc. was SO CUTE. Hope you are having a nice summer!Karen

  49. His room looks great. We are actually in the middle of doing our family room in vintage western. My hubby was all excited because we found two beautiful Remington lithographs today at an antique store for a steal already matted and framed. And of course every western room needs a star, found a copper one today at of all places a Hallmark store.hugs,LeAnn

  50. Avatar

    Okay now – it has been almost a month since you last posted. Just checking to make sure you are doing okay.

  51. Avatar

    Hey Ang! Just stopping by to see how you are. Love your little guys room. Come out and play with us soon, k?

  52. I really love your son´s room! You have done such a great job! I miss you a lot Angela…I hope you are ok!Love Annie – Annalunda

  53. Umm, just wanted to say that anonymous comment was from me!!! Jen

  54. lovely blog! Im a first time visitor 🙂

  55. Angela,I liked the virtual room makeovers you were doing. Are you still doing that? I don’t have a room, but just a wall, and it needs SOMETHING (curtains, for one thing) but I am not sure exactly what it is. If you are still advising, I’ll send you a picture!Thanks,Karen

  56. I love this post. I love decorating using only thrifted items. The bedroom turned out brilliant.

  57. Woah! What a darling room. I’m so impressed with you and your son’s taste!

  58. This bedroom is full of all good things! Looks very livable.Where oh where have you gone to now? 🙂

  59. Angela- I have a question. I was trying to go back into your archives but the website won’t let me go into the monthly archives. Most blogs will have an “older posts” place to go at the end of a post but I don’t see that on yours. Anyway, I wanted to look back at stuff from before I started reading and I was wondering if you know how to do that?Thanks!

  60. OK–I envy the chandelier! The room looks great!

  61. oooh! Your blog is fabulous! This is my first visit and I’m so glad I found it! I’ll be linking to your throw pillow project today. And adding you so I don’t miss a thing!

  62. It is a beautiful boy’s room

  63. Avatar

    Angelaaaa! Angelaaaa??I keep knocking, but no one’s answering…!Come out and play!Linda

  64. Linda@ Restyled Home Avatar
    Linda@ Restyled Home

    Oops, I was supposed to sign in, so the above comment is from me, o.k.?Linda

  65. Terri Steffes Avatar
    Terri Steffes

    Just found your blog! I love your writing style and this bedroom is adorable. Almost makes me want to be a boy.My dog is going nuts, sorry, I’ll be back to visit!

  66. Hope you are okay. Missing you.

  67. Thirkellgirl Avatar

    I miss your posts – hope everything is ok with you!

  68. hi angela. i am missing you so much! i check all the time and you are away from the post! i know this means big things are happening in your life and you are doing what needs to be done. whatever it is, i pray you all come through stronger, better. jane james

  69. kullervilla Avatar

    Missing you.hugs//kullervilla

  70. Hope all is well and you’re back to blogging soon.

  71. Dearest Angela! I miss you so much, and I´m thinking a lot about you.Love Annie

  72. Hi AngelaI just wanted to tell you how much I miss your posts!! I hope all is well and that it is “just” a blogging break!!All the best,JillPS…I should talk…I haven’t posted in about two weeks. Creativity issues.

  73. Linda@ Restyled Home Avatar
    Linda@ Restyled Home

    Gone, gone, gone, she’s been gone so long…You are missed! Hope all is well…

  74. I just came across you blog and love it though I do see you have not visited in a long time. I do hope you will be back to share more of your wonderful talent- I am going to bookmark your space just in case!!Blessings to youmary

  75. Lovely blog and beautiful pics!…just found it,Susannah x

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