Eight Ways to Embellish Red and White Christmas Ornaments

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

I’m completely in love with the Scandinavian country look this year. It’s cheery red and white is bright and light but also homespun and cozy.

I wanted to add this look to my Christmas tree this year, but without spending a bunch of money. My solution? I got some packs of red, white and silver glass balls from the thrift store, broke out the craft supplies I had on hand, and went to work.

I was able to make several dozen new ornaments in an afternoon with what I had on hand and a few dollars at the local thrift. What gets better than that?

Here’s a quick summary of how I made each of my ornaments:

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

Folk Cross Ornament

Since a Scandinavian country theme was on my mind when I started this project, the first thing I tried was a folk-style cross.


Use a medium-tip white paint pen on a red glass ornament. Start with either a cross or an “x” shape and then embellish with drops, dots and arrows. It takes two coats, which gives the end result a charming hand-made quality. Finish with a wired-on bow of 1/4″ gingham ribbon.

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

Button Dotted Ornament

I love polka dots, and when I sat looking at a red glass ornament in one hand and a pile of vintage buttons in the other, this was the natural conclusion.


Hot glue a random assortment of white or cream buttons onto a red glass ornament. Space them out to make polka dots! To complete, wire on a bow made from hemp twine.

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

Rag Ball Ornament

This ornament was inspired by Dawn’s fantastic tutorial on rag ball ornaments. Unfortunately, in my area styrofoam balls cost a fortune! so I used extra-cheap thrift store glass balls. I used red fabric for the body, and white ric-rac for the bow.


Tear 3/4″ strips of fabric, then cut sections just big enough to fit around the ball. Hot-glue one end of each strip near the neck, then wrap the fabric around the ornament and glue the other end on the opposite side of the neck. Add strips in this fashion until the whole ball is covered. Add a white bow in medium ric-rac.

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

Pom-pom Trim Ornament

This fun ornament reminds me of some kind of vintage winter faux-fur coat and was one of the easiest to make using simple pom-pom trim.


Use hot glue to attach a spiral of white pom-pom trim to a red glass ball ornament, starting at the bottom and continuing toward the top until the entire ball is covered. Then, wire on a 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon in red. Easy peasy.

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

Lace Skirt Ornament

This cute little thing is one of my favorites of the bunch. Hanging on the tree they almost look like little red berries hanging with a small cap of white eyelet lace leaves, or a dancing girl with red britches peeking out of a white eyelet skirt.


Wrap a short length of pre-gathered white eyelet lace trim around the top of a smaller-sized red glass ball ornament, attaching it at the shoulder with hot glue. Hot glue on medium white ric-rac to cover the top edge, then wire on a bow of 1/4″ gingham ribbon.

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

Cotton Lace Ornament

This ornament was sheer serendipity, as I just happened to have a yard of pretty cotton lace trim wide enough to cover the ornament exactly from top to bottom.


Cut a length of wide white cotton lace trim just long enough to encircle the red glass ornament. Gather the edges with with perle cotton. Pull it tight at the top and button of the ornament and tie. Stitch the raw edge together to form a seam in back. For a finishing touch, wire on a 1/4″ red grosgrain ribbon bow.

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

Large Vintage Button Ornament

I have a collection of vintage buttons and some of them are quite large. I thought it would be nice to feature the most interesting of these on an ornament with a minimum of additions to put the button front-and-center.


Hot-glue medium red ric-rac onto a frosted white glass ornament, making an X on both sides. Cover the intersection with a large vintage button on each side, also using hot glue, and tie a simple red ribbon around the neck.

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

Paved Vintage Button Ornament

You can’t have a jar of vintage buttons without wanting to pave something with them. Usually this would be done with a styrofoam ball, but I used what I had: a white frosted glass ball ornament. An added benefit of using the glass is that any gaps are less noticeable because the frosted glass blends right into the buttons.


Pave the surface of the ornament with vintage buttons using hot glue, and finish with a tied-on sheer red ribbon.

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com

8 Red & White Crafted Christmas Ornaments via www.angelamaywaller.com


Now you’re equipped to make some crafty red & white ornaments of your own, or to use these techniques to make ornaments of any color.

While I used thrifted & found supplies, you could easily purchase all you need for a few dollars at a good craft store. To avoid overspending on expensive trims, test your ideas with string or yarn to get an idea of length before you go.

If you decide to make some ornaments of your own, I hope you share them with me! Leave a comment below or come find me on Instagram or Facebook. See you there!

Love, Angela



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  1. WOW! Angela! You have been a busy little bee ~ I love them ALL! Thank you so much for linking back to me but my little goober rag balls pale in comparison to all of your crafty goodness here. I love all of the ideas ~ I hope you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! xxoo, Dawn

  2. Rhonda from Minnesota Avatar
    Rhonda from Minnesota

    I second that Liz, the most inspiring blog post this season. I love this idea. Very Cheery, Cottagey, Christmasey. I love it. I love it. Did I say I loved this?Happy Holidays~Rhonda

  3. Hillcrest Acres Avatar
    Hillcrest Acres

    What an adorable way to display your handmade ornaments. They are so cute. It makes me want to get out my glue gun and start creating but instead I have to head out the door and finish my Christmas shopping.

  4. What a cute set of “new” ornaments ! Now I have another fun project! Love to visit here, thanks for sharing!

  5. Barbara Jacksier Avatar
    Barbara Jacksier

    I love your ornaments. To me, they look like a centerpiece sitting in their muffin tin. Dan and I once photographed a table centerpiece with ornaments in a muffin tin.Just add a few sprigs of greenery and it’s ready to go!

  6. These are just fantastic. Love-love the button idea. I’ll have to remember that technique for next year. These are just such beautiful and fun pictures, so much fun to browse. Great decoration ideas.

  7. Holy smokes! I think this is the most inspiring blog post I’ve seen this season. I LOVE what you’ve done with the ornaments. Since I’m not a crafty person myself, I’m always so excited when other people have marvelous ideas like this. I think my favorite might be the folk cross, but they’re all wonderful.

  8. Angela,I agree with Liz and Rhonda. I hadn’t even thought of making ornaments, but now I need to run out and buy some red ones. I love the polka dot one the best. Good thing I just finished shoveling and scraping the driveway!!Janet

  9. Oh, I love them! Don’t make me try to pick a favorite. I couldn’t do it. You’ve inspired me. I’m getting off this computer and I’m going to go play!

  10. Ok- these I think are amazing!! I am so inspired! If I find anytime in the midst of all the other projects I put on my plate this year- I am going to try these out…maybe in some pinks! Yes- Hot Pink! So excited.

  11. Angela I love the ideas for all the red and white balls. So creative! As you know from seeing my blog I love red and white so I will have to try and make a few. Maybe I could put them up for Valentine’s day. The napkins you gave Cindy are just like some ones I have! What a thoughtful friend you are.

  12. They are eye candy for sure.I have some extra glass ornaments I could do this with! Thanks for pulling it all together. Quite motivational really. Thanks you

  13. I really love what you accomplished with what you had on hand. As I already told you, I am finding inspiration from other people’s ability to create really great looking projects without spending more money. My favorite is the button ball, but all of them look great.

  14. Adorable! Is it ok if I copy your white button one? I just love the buttons and I have a bag of them with a glue gun. 🙂

  15. Angela, you are on a roll. These are all gorgeous – you must be feeling very christmassy by now.

  16. The Feathered Nest (Manuela's) Avatar
    The Feathered Nest (Manuela’s)

    I love those! They’re so cottagey and would be perfect for my tree! I thought I was done with my Christmas crafting! :-)Manuela

  17. I love this tutorial.. I am going to borrow some of your ideas (hope thats OK) to tart up the chrissy tree next year.. why next year you ask? hmm its already up this year and a certain person (he who has paws) has decided cats love christmas trees.. and I am ever hopeful he’ll grow out of it by next year (I did say that last year though, but he was a wee kitten then, now he is a huge %$#$%^ cat)Have a happy and merry christmas..Lissa

  18. Oh, Angela. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Thanks for the tour!

  19. I really, really like the idea of displaying ornaments in a muffin tin…making a mental note on that one. thanks!

  20. Love your ornaments! The pom pom one is my favourite!!

  21. Love your ornaments! The pom pom one is my favourite!!

  22. Linda Albrecht Avatar
    Linda Albrecht

    Oh my!!! You are so talented and I am coming back to visit again and again. Such a beautiful place. Linda

  23. Angela, I love the way you have placed the ornaments in the cupcake tray. I know you’re probably thinking it’s on old trick, but I have never seen that. I am always looking for new ways to display christmas ornaments… thanks for sharing your idea. xoxo, Joanna

  24. Michele Avatar

    You are incredible!! Your truly are so creative, and it’s been a joy getting to go through all of these old posts. Your ornaments are really, really amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us all and for the directions, too!Micheleluvkittysmeowmail@gmail.com

  25. Camy Tisvis Avatar
    Camy Tisvis

    Angela, Your ornaments are so mind-boggling!!!I can’t wait for the Christmas season so that I can make the pompom trim ornament. I went today and bought 540 red Christmas balls and plan on getting the pompoms next week. I have a VERY large family and plan on giving these as gifts Thanks so much for the idea. I’ll send you a picture of the completed decorated balls.XOXOCamy

  26. Love these ornaments – so creative and pretty! Just wanted to let you know I featured your post in my roundup of glass ornament crafts here. Feel free to check it out if you want and hope you like it! : )-Mel the Crafty Scientist

    1. Thank you! And thanks for including me in your roundup! ~Angela~

  27. Délia Cabral Avatar
    Délia Cabral

    lindo adorei, a minha decoração de Natal vai ser assim, obrigada beijinhos

    1. Hi Delia – thank you for visiting! I’m so glad you liked it! ~Angela~

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