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I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share my newest quilt with you! After I showed you all the fabrics I had gotten to put in it, I just kind of got it all done lickety split! It’s been finished for a few weeks now, so I’m glad to finally share it.

This quilt was such a huge departure for me from the quilts I have done in the past. It’s almost all modern or vintage-inspired fabrics. It uses large squares. It has a scrappy backing. The opposite of my usual fare! But I really love it. It’s so colorful and cheery. I meant to put it in the family room, but I haven’t quite been able to bring myself to do it, since there’s an awful lot of rambunctious play that goes on in there, with quilts on the floor and dogs and children… I may just have to keep it in my sewing studio for now, on the back of the couch where I can pull it down for a nice cozy read.

At any rate, without further ado, let me present to you, my new quilt, “Bohemian Squares”:

As you know, I was inspired by this amazing quilt from Blue Elephant Stitches, and I hope that my version has done the original justice!! Here’s what Jolene’s quilt looks like:

And here’s mine:

And the scrappy back:

I used up the last scrap of some stripey fabric I had in my stash for the binding:

(I couldn’t stop taking pictures.)

For quilting I just did some random straight lines with cream quilting thread. I originally was thinking that a light thread would distract from the fabric, so I tried a darker thread (deep red), but, woah, that was a terrible mistake! It was like I had cut the poor quilt up and it was bleeding! ARGH! I picked that out, needless to say. The cream disappears and lets the fabric be the star.

How is your summer going so far? Has anything cheery made it’s way into your life lately?

Love, Angela



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  1. Wow! You whipped up that fun quilt in no time at all, Angela! It reminds me of the quilts my mother’s neighbor made for us from my mother’s sewing scraps from all the 60’s and 70’s fabrics she used to sew clothes for us. Enjoy your beautiful quilt!

    1. Thank you so much, Vickie! I am definitely really loving those vintage/retro/modern prints right now. Who knew!! There is one old-fashioned cabbage rose fabric (green on white) mixed in, and maybe it’s just me, but I kind of like the mix of the cottage and the modern. ~Angela~

  2. This is just gorgeous, it even surpasses the inspiration quilt for me. And I LOVE a scrappy back!! The quilting lines just give it that extra puff, but those amazing fabrics shine!

    1. Thank you so much, Cassandra!! I haven’t done such a big quilting pattern before so I was not at all sure how it would work, but I really do love it. I am having a serious love affair with these fabrics, too. I have had to restrain myself from going to buy more! ~Angela~

  3. Oh my goodness, this quilt is gorgeous, Angela! Beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Mary!! That means a lot coming from you, you know I’m a huge fan of your taste. What a great day for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ ~Angela~

  4. Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.

    I love the quilt! You are right – it’s extremely cheerful. The striped fabric is the perfect edging for it. Well done, Angela!So far it’s a summer of getting things done, which unfortunately included unexpectedly replacing my heat pump when the freon line developed a hole. But it got done pretty fast and I had the money, so that was a good thing.The most cheerful thing was tonight when my sister and I checked on a hole going underneath the planter box that fronts part of the house. I discovered it when I mowed the other day and it looked narrow, deep and very scary. We looked tonight using a flashlight and wire and discovered it’s shallow and will easily be filled in. Whew! I was so afraid of a major washout underneath the house and the potential for thousands of dollars expended. Now I can sleep tonight!

    1. Thank you, Barbara!!! I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting things done, since I have been mostly helping my Mom so I haven’t done much at my own house. I know it counts, but I still wish I was getting further here! And what a great story about your hole, that it turned out to be a little fix! Whew! That’s always such a blessing to discover. I hope your summer continues in such a positive way! Best, ~Angela~

  5. What is the cut size of your squares?

    1. Hi Marion! I cut the squares 8 1/2″ and they finished at 8″. Are you going to make a quilt? ~Angela~

    2. Hi Angela, Thanks for responding and so quidkly too!! Yes, I’m going to make your quilt. I’ve been collecting “Bazaar Style” prints for a wee bit, and when I saw your quilt on Pinterest, an AHA light bulb went on. Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. Oooh, how exciting!! I can’t wait to see yow it turns out. Please do share it! ๐Ÿ™‚ ~Angela~

  6. Sooooo beautiful, and soooo inspiring! I want to start quilting someday and this is soooo my style!

    1. Oh Becca, thank you, that is so sweet! I am surprised at how much I love this quilt because I’ve always only made traditional quilts so far. But I’m in love! ~Angela~

  7. Oh, this is beautiful!! I have a few quilts I need to at least start cutting out, but I have the worst time deciding on a pattern!! Better to just risk making the “wrong” decision (because, really, if I’m torn between multiple patterns, doesn’t that mean I like them all, and the chance of me hating it, therefore, pretty slim?) and have some finished quilts, rather than random fabric all over the house, hahaha! Pretty sure my husband would be in very strong agreement. Your fabrics are just gorgeous together. Helping your mom is a good thing, my mom is currently in Klamath Falls helping her mom out with her dad, who isn’t doing so well. I know she’s missing her gardening, painting, and quilting, though. We are all up in Astoria, my husband and I were both born here, and we live on the same street he grew up on! Thanks for coming by my blog, hope life lets you do some fun stuff at your home. Our summer will include rebuilding our front porch – more necessary than fun. I’d rather be building a deck in the back of the house, but it might be nice for people to not fall through the floor, so front porch, it is!

    1. Oooh, rebuilding the front porch sounds fun! But I am with you — building something new is always more fun than having to rebuild something you already have!! I agree. You should just go for it. Because here’s the best part. If for some reason you decide it’s not your favorite quilt (unlikely, but possible), you can always give it away. In the last year I have already given away several quilts that I didn’t start making with that intention because while they were perfectly lovely quilts, they didn’t make my little heart go pitter-pat the way I had hoped they would. But that’s okay — I was able to bless friends with quilts, and make room in my life for new ones! ~Angela~

      1. You are so right! Never even thought about it, but what a wonderful way to gift something you’ve put effort into, and without the anxiety of planning one for someone else – because once it’s finished it will bring to mind the person who would love it! Thanks!

        1. Yes, exactly!! You can just enjoy the process of making a quilt, knowing that it’s final destination will become apparent when you are finished! ~Angela~

  8. Hi Angela, I was so pleased to see your post waiting for me in my inbox that I clicked on it immediately and came straight over. I’m so excited about your quilt and I’m in love with all those colours together, wow! And yes, definitely keep it safe for the time being in your studio.I seem to have far too much on the go at the moment and I need to finish 2 or 3 things so as to clear my head a bit.Love and hugs, Tracey xx

    1. Oh Tracey, I am so with you on having too much to do. I have so many tasks to attend to it’s making my head spin!! I’m hoping that once things are settled with my Mom that it won’t be so bad. Yes, I was just looking around at how grungy all the fabric in my family room is, and I just don’t think I could bear to subject my favorite new quilt to that kind of abuse. ~Angela~

  9. I love your quilt, it is so bright and cheerful and so pretty!! You did beautiful work!!

    1. Thank you so much, Clara, that’s so sweet! ~Angela~

  10. I LOVE your new quilt! It’s a happy quilt. The scrappy back is as much fun as the front.~Adrienne~

    1. Thank you, Adrienne! ~Angela~

  11. Your scrappy back looks SO much more sophisticated than the scrappy backs I come up with. Well done! I’m dying to make a big squares quilt but maybe I should finish the one on the design wall first…

    1. Oooh, sophisticated! I haven’t had *that* word used to describe me or my work before. I’m feeling all classy now. Hehehe. I have a huge backlog of projects but I decided to make a big squares quilt anyway, and I highly recommend it. I finished the whole quilt in just a couple of weeks, just working on it off and on. SO FAST. ~Angela~

  12. Evelyn Mallery Avatar
    Evelyn Mallery

    I love this quilt!!! The cplors are beautiful! Is there a pattern for this? I would love to find it and then buy it.Thanks,Evelyn

    1. Hi Evelyn, thank you! No pattern yet, but you can order similar quilts custom made from my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/magpieandrabbit ~Angela~

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